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James Madison University International

創辦時間: 1908年

類 別:公立大學

·商學院| Business

商業管理| Business Management; 工商管理| Business Administration and Management;國際商務| International Business; 管理經濟學| Managerial Economics; 財務與會計| Finance and Accounting; 會計| Accounting; 金融| Finance; 旅遊與酒店管理| Hospitality and Tourism Management; 酒店及旅遊業管理| Hospitality Management; 市場行銷| Sales and Marketing; 市場學| Marketing

·社會科學及文科學院|Social Sciences & Liberal Arts

社會科學及文科 | Social Sciences & Liberal Arts;經濟學 | Economics; 經濟學和計量經濟學 | Economics and Econometrics; 食品和營養學研究 | Food and Nutrition Studies; 食品,營養和健康研究 | Foods, Nutrition, and Wellness Studies; 歷史 | History; 國際問題研究和政府 | International Studies and Government; 國際關係和國家安全的研

究 | International Relations and National Security Studies; 政治學與政府 | Political Science and Government; 文科和人文學| Liberal Arts and Humanities; 社會科學 | Social Sciences人類學和考古學 | Anthropology and Archaeology; 地理學| Geography; 社會科學研究方法 | Social Science Research Methods; 社會學 | Sociology

·通訊學院| Communications通訊

| Communications; 語言交流與修飾| Speech Communication and Rhetoric

·藝術學院| Arts藝術

| Arts; 藝術史 | Art History; 藝術概論 | Art Studies; 音樂 | Music; 音樂表演 | Music Performance; 演藝 | Performing Arts戲劇製作 | Drama and Theatre Production

·生物科學學院| Biological Sciences

生物科學 | Biological Sciences; 生物學 | Biology; 生物學和生物科學 | Biology and Biological Sciences; 生物技術| Biotechnology

·電腦與資訊科學學院| Computer and Information Sciences

電腦與資訊科學| Computer and Information Sciences; 資訊研究 | Information Studies; 電腦與資訊研究 | Computer and Information Studies

·教育學院 | Education

教育 | Education; 教育研究| Education Studies and Research; 教育基礎 | Foundations of Education; 學校輔導 | School Counseling; 學校輔導服務 | School Counseling and Guidance Services; 特殊教育 | Special Educatio; 特別的教育和教學 | Special Education and Teaching; 教學 | Teaching; 成人及持續教育 | Adult and Continuing Education; 師範生教育 | Health Teacher Education; 數學師範教育 | Mathematics Teacher Education

·保健學院| Health Care

保健| Health Care; 溝通障礙| Communication Disorders; 聽覺學| Audiology; 言語語言病理學| Speech Language Pathology; 健康與醫療行政服務| Health and Medical Administrative Services; 保健管理| Health Care Management; 干預治療| Intervention and Treatment; 田徑訓練| Athletic Training; 心理和社會的健康服務| Mental and Social Health Services; 社區衛生服務和諮詢| Community Health Services and Counseling; 護理| Nursing; 成人健康護理| Adult Health Nursing; 註冊護士(RN)| Registered Nursing (RN); 助理醫師| Physician Assistant; 康復和治療| Rehabilitation and Therapy; 職業治療| Occupational Therapy

·語言與文學學院| Languages and Literature

語言與文學| Languages and Literature; 英語| English; 英語學習| English Language Studies; 專業,技術,商業,科學及創作| Professional, Technical, Business, and Scientific Writing; 語言研究和語言學| Language Studies and Linguistics; 外國語言與文學| Foreign Languages and Literatures

·法學院| Laws

法學| Law; 高級法律研究| Advanced Legal Studies; 高級法律研究| Advanced Legal Research

·數學與統計學院| Mathematics & Statistics

數學與統計| Mathematics & Statistics; 數學| Mathematics; 統計| Statistics

·哲學與宗教學院| Philosophy and Religion

哲學與宗教| Philosophy and Religion; 宗教| Religion; 宗教研究| Religious Studies

·物理科學學院| Physical Sciences

物理科學| Physical Sciences; 化學化工技術| Chemistry and Chemical Technology; 化學| Chemistry; 地球科學| Earth Sciences; 地質與地球科學| Geology and Earth Science; 物理| Physics

·心理輔導學院| Psychology & Counseling

心理輔導 | Psychology & Counseling; 臨床心理學和輔導 | Clinical Psychology and Counseling; 學校心理學 | School Psychology; 心理學 | Psychology; 心理學研究 | Psychology Studies; 研究與實驗心理學 | Research and Experimental Psychology

·休閒健身學院| Recreation & Fitness

休閒健身 | Recreation & Fitness; 健康與體育健身教育 | Health and Physical Fitness Education

·社會服務學院| Social Services

社會服務 | Social Services; 公共政策,行政和社會工作 | Public Policy, Administration, and Social Work; 公共管理 | Public Administration; 社會工作及青年服務 | Social Work and Youth Services






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