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Akeley Wood Junior School - Buckingham (UK Day School)

School type: Coeducational

Founded: 1946

Co-ed Age Range: 12 months-18 years

Number of pupils: 833

Number of boys: 500

Number of girls: 333

Number of sixth formers: 119

Day fees per term 2020 - 2021: £3,600.00 - £6,500 / term

Average Class Size : Max 20

Teacher/Pupil ratio 1:9 Address: Wicken Park, Wicken, MK19 6DA

Akeley WoodSchool 坐落於白金漢,是該區域的核心教學機構,傳承高質量的教學一直是學校的首要任務。Akeley Wood School前身是HILLCREST寄宿男校,自1972年成為男女校。2005年首度對國際學生開放,入學申請極為嚴格。學校設有初中(GCSE) ,高中(A-LEVEL) 開設英語、數學、法語、拉丁語、歷史、地理、宗教、科學、藝術、戲劇、戲劇英語、音樂、化學、物理、生物等21種課程。主要目標是為學生順利進入英國名牌大學打,為學生在進入大學之前打好基礎。學校老師為學生提供專業指導,幫助學生發展自己的才能和個人品質,獎勵和強調高品質的數學成績,同樣獎勵在音樂,藝術,戲劇和體育方面有卓越表現的學生。學生們對老師信任且了解,關係非常融洽。小班教學能夠讓學生發揮全部的潛能,並且將他們被頂尖大學錄取的機率最大化。學校把注意力主要集中於學生的優勢強項上,爭取讓每一個學生都能發揮全部的潛能。

學校建築皆為美麗的維多利亞風格,主校區400年前曾是皇室渡假的莊園,後來成為了牛津大學的分校區,之後成為現在的Akeley Wood School主校區,學校內至今仍有一些古董存放,極具歷史性。學校共有3個校區,均座落於最美麗的英格蘭鄉間。

Mission: At Akeley Wood, we offer nothing less than teaching and learning excellence.Above everything else, the School is concerned with the individual, and pupils leave the School not only with the best possible qualifications, but also with a set of values and close friendships that will last a lifetime. Confidence and happiness are the hallmarks of our success.

Akeley Wood School is a coeducational independent primary and secondary school, with an attached sixth form near Buckingham. The school accommodates pupils aged 12 months –18 years old albeit not on the same site – stretching efforts across three separate schools; the Junior School, Tile House Mansion and the Senior School – Akeley Wood. There are approximately 900 pupils across the three sites. Years 7 and 8 are based at Tile House Mansion, where there’s no rush to grow up too soon. We delight in seeing the youngest of our Senior School pupils playing during break and lunchtimes - a rare sight at most secondary schools.

Years 9 through to Sixth Form are located a mile up the road at Akeley Wood House, where we take a progressive and ambitious approach to teaching and learning.

Across our three glorious sites, Akeley Wood pupils enjoy a rich tapestry of academic, cultural and social opportunities. We value good manners, kindness and have high aspirations for all pupils.

Being a co-educational, through-school enables us to cater for the needs of families with children aged from 12 months to 18-years-old. This is but one factor that helps create the close-knit family atmosphere at Akeley Wood School.

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